Letter to the Editor: Mask up so we can Stay on Campus

Dear Editor,

Everybody on campus is required to wear a mask, as we are in the middle of a global pandemic. We are supposed to wear a mask if we are on campus, yet a few times each day I see people not wearing a mask, especially when I walk through the Student Center. I understand that people don’t wear a mask when eating, but I still see people not wearing a mask even if they are not eating.

In one of my classes there is somebody that doesn’t wear a mask. There is the option of attending class over Zoom, but I believe that I get a much better experience if I attend my courses in person. In some classes it is not possible to social distance, so I feel that proper mask wearing is important. If everybody properly wore a mask, then I wouldn’t have as much to worry about among all the other things I have to worry about.

I hope that the university can crack down on the expectations of wearing masks again to remind those that might not following the guidelines. I would really like for classes to stay in-person, so I hope that people will wear masks and wear them correctly. Will the rules be tightened at SUU, to ensure that everybody is properly wearing a mask? I am also more concerned about COVID-19 spreading because there have been higher numbers of the virus more recently, along with a strain that spreads more easily.

I hope that everyone will properly wear a mask so we can stay in person.

Submitted by: Rylie Brewster
Photo courtesy of: SUU News