Letter to the Editor: Regular Food Trucks Visits Could Create Better Options for SUU Students

Dear Editor,

In the two years I have attended Southern Utah University, I have noticed there is not a lot of variety of eateries on campus.

During my first semester in Fall of 2019, I had a meal plan that allowed me to get about five meals a week. However, after eating at the same six places, I soon grew tired of it and wasted 15 meal swipes. The SUU dining options are limited to Chick-fil-A, BRKFST & CO., Papa John’s, Student Center Market, Thunderbird Circle Dining Hall, and Sweet Shoppe.

Some students living on campus do not have access to a car or bike and rely on the SUU eateries, but I have had many friends complain that the food gets “boring” and “gross” by the second month of eating there. I propose a solution to this dilemma on campus.

I recognize that there isn’t a lot of space on campus for additional restaurants, so Southern Utah University could have food carts/trucks on the outside of the student center. In recent semesters, on certain days, they would have a hot dog truck in front of the library. I propose that during lunch times they could have a food truck that serves hamburgers, or ramen. A plus side to having a food truck is that it would follow the Covid-19 regulations, so students can social distance more outside due to an increase of space.

With an increase of eateries on campus, students can have more of a variety of places to go, which could then increase revenue. Thank you.

Submitted by: Elaine Lonborg
Photo Courtesy of: SUU News