Utah’s ICU Beds Fill Almost to Capacity with COVID-19 Cases

Utah reported a frightening 20 deaths two days in a row due to COVID-19. Although the seven-day average of new diagnosed cases was down 209 from Tuesday’s rate of 3,101, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, Iron County still reported 59 new cases. 

Two Iron County men passed away, both aged 65-84, while another Iron County man was hospitalized. 

Washington County reported 196 new cases, Kane County reported nine, Beaver County reported 13 and Garfield County reported one new case.

In addition to the rising amount of reported deaths, intensive care unit beds filled to a 92% capacity this week. The SLT reported that in St. George, the Dixie Regional Medical Center averaged all but 2.5 of the 32 beds in use last week. 

Fatalities included five Salt Lake County men, one aged 25-44, another aged 45-64 and three more aged 65-84. Two Salt Lake County women passed away, both aged 65-84. The remainder of the 13 fatalities can be found on the SLT website

Brigham Young University recorded 144 active cases as of Dec. 8.

Utah Valley University posted that since Dec. 1, 108 students and faculty self-reported COVID-19 cases. 

The University of Utah recently announced that COVID-19 tests will be available for students working or living on campus during winter break.  

Southern Utah University recorded a total of 43 self-reported cases during the week of Nov. 26 to Dec. 2. 

Cases for the week of Dec. 3-9 will be available on SUU’s coronavirus website on Thursday.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photo courtesy of Christopher Dimond