Iron County Candidates Run Largely Unopposed While the Race Continues for a School Board Seat

While the majority of candidates running for public office in Iron County will cruise to victory because they’re running unopposed, the race for the school board seat in the 3rd district could come down to mail-in ballots.

According to an unofficial report published by Iron County on election night, Jeff Corry currently holds the majority vote for the school board seat in the 3rd district by just over 100 votes. He has earned 47.2% of the vote, and his competitor Tiffiney Christiansen has received 44.67% of the vote in the non-partisan race.

“I will work to keep as many decisions as possible at the local level and will work with the parents and students of the Iron County School District to be able to share their voice in material decisions of the district,” Corry shared on his website. “Our youth have great potential and deserve the absolute best. I pledge to do my utmost to deliver.”

Iron County is still processing mail-in ballots, and will report an updated number on Friday, Nov. 6. 

Dave Staheli holds the majority vote for the 1st local school board district seat with 52.89% of the vote. His competitor, Tessa Douglas, has received 38.05% of the vote.

“Our kids need our values, our ethics, our faith, our patriotism, our heritage, our absolute truths, and our attention,” said Staheli on his Facebook page.

All other votes cast were either overvotes or undervotes, meaning voters either voted for too many people in one category or didn’t vote for anyone. 

The candidates up for county commissioner seat C, assessor, recorder/surveyor and treasurer all ran unopposed and are all declared Republicans. 

Marilyn Wood will serve as a county commissioner for the next four years, where she will be responsible for enacting local ordinances. She is a life-long resident of Iron County.

Karsten Mckay Reed will serve as county assessor, and will value and assess property tax.

Carrie Rowley Jeffries will serve as county recorder and surveyor, where she will record oaths and notaries, and keep record of notarized deeds. She will also maintain and review a variety of county surveys. 

Nicole Rosenburg will serve as county treasurer, and will control and regulate the money for the county, school, water and fire districts. 

Rep. Chris Stewart won reelection for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, which is where Iron County falls. Blake Moore won the race for the 1st Congressional District, and Rep. John Curtis won reelection for the 3rd. All three representatives are Republican.

Ben McAdams represents Democrats in Utah’s last chance for representation in Congress as he currently leads the 4th Congressional District race over Republican challenger Burgess Owens, which includes part of Salt Lake City. 

An official winner has not yet been called, as only an estimated 67% of the votes have been counted, according to an official count updated Tuesday night. McAdams holds 49.5% of the vote, while Owens holds 46.01%.

All Utah Supreme Court and Court of Appeals seats were retained.


Story by: Lainey Cartwright

Photo by: Element5 Digital on Unsplash