Hospitalizations Due to COVID-19 Reach a Record High in Utah

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in the state of Utah have reached a new record high, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Two new cases have been confirmed in Iron County with 101 active cases, according to Southwest Utah Public Health Department. 

Records continue to be set, with 314 patients being treated in hospitals at the same time in Utah, according to the SLT. 

There are 73 new cases confirmed in Washington County and one new fatality. The death was a female care resident between the ages of 65 and 84. Beaver County has two new cases and Garfield County reported four new cases, according to SWUPHD. Kane County reported no new cases. 

Iron County reports a moderate amount of active cases (101), Kane County a low amount (10 cases), Beaver County a low amount (23 cases), Washington County a moderate amount (855 cases) and Garfield County a high amount (37 cases).  

1,363 new coronavirus cases were reported on Wednesday, higher than the average of 1,283 positive test results a day the state has recorded. 

In addition to the record being set, 73.2% of Utah’s intensive care units were occupied on Wednesday. 

Six new fatalities have been reported since Tuesday, according to the SLT. The deaths include three men from Salt Lake County, with one man aged between 44 and 44, another aged 65 to 84 and one older than 85. 

The remaining three deaths include one Weber County man, one Utah County woman and a Washington County woman, all aged between 65 to 84. 

15.1% of all tests have come back positive, and state officials say that this indicates that “a large number of infected people are not being tested,” according to the SLT. 

Daily active cases have gone down at Brigham Young University since its peak during the week of Sept. 14-21. There are currently 122 active cases as of Wednesday according to

Southern Utah University reported five self-reported cases during the week of Oct. 1-7. Cases for the week of Oct. 15-21 will be available on SUU’s coronavirus website on Thursday.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong