SUU Encourages Safe Student Travel at Study Abroad Fair

Southern Utah University’s Office of Learning Abroad held a fair on Thursday, highlighting study abroad programs for students despite COVID-19 travel restrictions.

“COVID-19 is such an unsure thing, but we do have….some tips on how to stay safe when you are traveling abroad,” said Kennedi Ludvigson, one of the OLA’s global ambassadors. “We’re trying to work with some schools right now that are opening up to get traveling abroad ready for others.”

The OLA offers short-term programs led by faculty, national student exchanges throughout the United States and semester or year exchanges to partner universities around the world.

A list of SUU’s international partner universities can be found on the OLA’s program finder.

Although the OLA is not sure how COVID-19 will affect upcoming study abroad programs, they are still promoting studying abroad with hopes of being able to send students on exchanges soon.

All SUU studies abroad are currently suspended until the end of 2020 and will become available again when the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate improved global conditions.

Faculty promoted short-term programs at the study abroad fair, which are all currently planned for summer of 2021. Various short-term programs include studying communication in Tonga and Fiji, studying psychology and history in Greece, or studying family life in Italy.

The OLA placed photos throughout the fair, encouraging visitors to submit their guesses of where the photo was taken to be entered to win treats and OLA t-shirts.

“Studying abroad is awesome because you have an opportunity to not just learn and grow your education but to learn a new culture and to experience new things,” said Ludvigson. “There are some really great programs where you get credit from SUU too even if you’re in a different country.”

Students can receive up to six credits from participating in certain short-term programs, and students on semester or year exchanges can transfer all of their credits taken abroad back to SUU.

To learn more about the OLA and to browse available study abroad programs, visit the OLA’s website or drop into their office in ST 169.


Story by: Tori Jensen
Photos by: Tori Jensen