SUUSA Passes Motion for Students to Display Personal Pronouns

The Southern Utah University Student Association held their weekly senate meeting on Tuesday, discussing topics such as priority registration for veterans and the option for students to select pronouns on Canvas.

Veteran representative Tony Ochsner proposed a bill to provide registration priority to veterans in order to “recognize veterans as a distinguished student body.”

The bill would grant veterans enrolled at SUU privilege to register for classes one day before the senior class.

The privilege would also extend to those benefiting from the GI Bill, a type of federal aid for veterans, such as veteran spouses and dependents.

The motion failed to pass with only 10 members of the senate voting in favor of the bill.

The senate then voted on a bill proposed by College of Performing and Visual Arts Senator Rio LeFevre to promote a video showing students how to select and display their personal pronouns on Canvas.

Students may choose between displaying she/her, he/him or they/them.

LeFevre said she and SUUSA would like to make “all students feel welcome on campus, both online and in person.”

The senate voted to pass the bill.

Extending from last week’s meeting, the senate continued discussion on establishing a women’s center on campus.

Humanities and Social Sciences Senator Amanda Walton restated that the center would be a resource for sexual assault survivors and provide education about consent and trauma responses, different from Title IX and SUU’s Counseling and Psychological Services.

Walton further explained that workers at the proposed center would not be mandated to report to Title IX, but can help survivors walk through the Title IX process if they would like.

Several members of the senate expressed concern about labeling the center as a women’s center. Walton clarified that that the sexual assault resources are available to men as well, and the title of the center has not yet been decided.

The senate voted to refer the women’s center topic to a smaller committee of the senate for further discussion and development.

LeFevre brought up student concerns about Proctorio, an online extension that allows professors to proctor tests in an online environment.

LeFevre said students find Proctorio taxing and invasive and proposed to discuss alternatives.

Discussion included the possibility of creating guidelines for professors about what is and is not allowed when requiring students to take a test with Proctorio. 

Due to lack of time, the senate voted to refer the Proctorio discussion to a committee for further development.

SUUSA senate meetings take place every Tuesday from 1-1:50 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room.


Story by: Tori Jensen
Photos by: Tori Jensen