Entrepreneur Raleigh Taylor Empowers SUU

Raleigh Taylor hopes to empower others with her business Personalized Accountability, Coaching and Transformation and served as a guest speaker for the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series this Tuesday. 

“I hope I can empower at least one of you to just take that leap by [sharing my story],” said Taylor. 

The event was part of a class that students can take at Southern Utah University. Entrepreneurship Speaker Series 3000 is a one-credit course where students attend the guest speaker events once a week. It is held in the SUU Dixie Leavitt School of Business building in room 126 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. every Tuesday. 

Although there is limited seating available, all students are welcome to attend the event, even if they are not registered for the entrepreneurship class. 

Taylor not only shared her business journey and the steps that helped her start PACT, but she also opened up by sharing personal stories about self confidence, pregnancy and depression. 

Olivia Thornock, a senior studying communication with an emphasis on media studies, said that something she admired about Taylor’s presentation was that it was relatable.

“I liked how she was vulnerable,” Thornock said. “She put it all out there and told us she was nervous and scared about [certain things] and I could relate to that.”

Taylor shared some personal tips that helped her overcome her depression. Listening to motivational podcasts, working out and reading self-help books were some of her tips.

“The books ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’ by Rachel Hollis and ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero changed my life,” Taylor said. 

Taylor’s husband, Will Taylor currently serves as an adjunct professor at Southern Utah University and introduced his wife to the audience. Suu.edu previously published an article on highlighting his experience becoming a gym owner in Cedar City. 

The two of them have been running Crossfit Cedar City for four years. After PACT took off and turned into a “six-figure business that will surpass a million-dollar revenue in one year,” according to Taylor, the couple made the decision to close down the gym to focus on her business.

“Whether you decide to start your own business or not, show up, face your fear, do the boring work, remember that progress is more important than perfection and empower lives,” Taylor said, ending her presentation.

 The presentation was followed by a question and answer session, where students asked about the logistics of her business.

“I got better at sales by practice. It’s just like working out, you have to get in the reps,” Taylor said in response to one of the students. “For marketing, it’s important to grow your Instagram following, start Facebook groups, and build and network as much as you can.”

When the class was asked if they were touched by the message Taylor shared, almost every student raised their hand. With the hands of almost the entire room raised, it was clear that Taylor not only met her goal of “empowering at least one of you,” but far surpassed it. 

To view the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series schedule, visit suu.edu.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Elizabeth Armstrong