Letter the the Editor: Tuition Relief During the Pandemic

Dear Editor,

Why is tuition still so high in the midst of a global pandemic?

With so many normal events cancelled or greatly reduced, one wonders why our tuition is only down by a couple hundred dollars.

There’s no sports events we can attend for free, the bulletin boards that normally proclaim all sorts of campus events and club meetings are empty, and services like library access and printing are all much harder to access.

I assumed our tuition being as high as it is was meant to cover all of this, yet my bank account is as empty as ever after the start of the school year.

This affects every single student as most of us have to work or receive extra help to get by, and jobs are harder than ever to come by. With all of us struggling and panicking, I have to wonder why the school isn’t doing more on their part to make attending during a pandemic far easier and more appealing.

I don’t mean this as a way to shame the school, because SUU has done much for me and many others. It gives me a place I enjoy learning at. It has a wonderful community.

However, in times of crisis, it should have stepped up, and given us all far more reason to be proud of being a Thunderbird.

Sage Judd