Letter to the Editor: We’ve Gone too Far with Masks

Dear Editor,

In this time of new avenues and uncertain ways to proceed forward, it has been requested that students and faculty wear masks.

Now, I respect why they ask this — to protect others who may be more vulnerable from COVID-19 should we be infected and asymptomatic or anything related. Even though I appreciate the thought and can understand where they come from, my inability to understand far outweighs that.

For example, wearing masks inhibits the spread of any molecules or spray from the front, but what about the sides? The back? The top? Anyone with glasses will tell you that they fog up when they breathe because the air has nowhere to go but up. To that end, wouldn’t that put those to the sides or behind the subject?

Secondly, masks, even cloth ones, aren’t designed to be worn for days on end, and let’s be honest- no college student is going to wash their mask nightly. I should, yes, but sometimes I forget, and sometimes I just don’t. Even N95 masks and respirators aren’t designed for more than a single use.

Thirdly, it has been established that prolonged contact (15-30 minutes) is more than likely the required time of interaction between individuals for transmission. Yes, this could be an issue for classes, but on the day-to-day, I think less is needed.

In closing, I respect the idea, but I just can’t get behind it enough to wear the masks. It’s quite honestly gotten to the point where I’m literally only wearing the mask to ensure I don’t face disciplinary action for not “doing my part”.

Ryan Sunderman