Fun Outdoor Activities Amidst the Pandemic

Transitioning to this temporary new way of life is an adjustment for all. However, just because social distancing is in full effect, there are still plenty of fun outdoor activities that can keep your heart happy.

Games that require more than nine people have been put on hold for a while until the virus begins to be under control. With a virus amongst us, there is another illness on the horizon–cabin fever.

Cabin fever is commonly known as the distressing claustrophobia that sets in when a person or a group of people are confined to the same space for a long period of time.

While people are trying to practice social distancing, there are still a variety of options for enjoying the outdoors.

Here is a list of ideas of outdoor activities that are possible to do at home or in the neighborhood while still maintaining  social distance.

Learn How To Garden

Spring has sprung and this is the perfect time to learn new gardening skills. Grab some soil, seeds, flowers, pots, and water. Who knows? 2020 could be the year you grow a green thumb yourself.

Go For A Bike Ride

Hop on your bike and cruise around close to your neighborhood. This is a safe outdoor activity because you are not in close proximity with anyone and you are still able to get exercise.

Go Hiking

The weather is absolutely beautiful right now for hiking. Take a healthy hiking buddy with you and venture out into the outdoors. This will give your mind a break from working on homework and give you some fresh air. Do not forget to pack some hand sanitizer and a protein bar!

Play Tennis or Pickleball

Tennis and pickleball are both great sports for social distancing considering you are standing more than feet from your opponent on the other side of the net. This allows you to enjoy the sunshine and provides a dose of competition.

While participating in these activities, do not forget to follow the rules for social distancing so that we can enjoy other group activities in the future. Continue to stay safe T-birds and enjoy the great outdoors!

Story by: Lacy Truman
Photos by: Paige Cody, Joan Azeka, and Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash