Socially Distant Celebrities

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, government officials and licensed medical professionals have been preaching two words: social distancing. 

It makes sense that if the president and every doctor on earth right now is telling everyone to stay home, United States citizens would be doing it. But according to a recent survey, only one in every four U.S. adults are practicing social distancing. 

Licensed professionals aren’t the only ones preaching the importance of staying home, though. For those who need a little extra push to be more socially responsible in the upcoming weeks/months, here are what influencers, especially celebrities are asking for. 

Kevin Bacon

“Footloose” star, Kevin Bacon, started the now trending #IStayHomeFor on Twitter. The hashtag is being shared for users and other celebrities to remember the people in their lives that are most at risk for COVID-19. 

“Let’s work together to spread the word and save lives,” Bacon said in a tweet. 

The hashtag has been shared with photos of celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Elton John and David Beckham. 


Taylor Swift

Pop sensation and political activist, Taylor Swift, tweeted a picture of her cat to remind folks of staying indoors. 









Ryan Reynolds

After being challenged by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to share a video urging people to be socially distant, Reynolds used humor to reach audiences. 

His video pokes fun at celebrities speaking out, while also stressing the importance of the situation at hand. Other celebrities, such as Seth Rogan, have also accepted the call to action. 

Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon

On March 20, the actresses posted photos of their distant walk that the two took together. Witherspoon is seen with a smile on her face, while Dern waves in the background, six feet apart from each other. 

“So blessed to have friends to distantly walk through this with,” said Dern.

Although life is scary and hard right now, there’s something powerful about working through it all together. Whether your motivation for social distancing comes from science or celebrity, stay healthy and happy out there. 


Story by: Amanda Walton
Photos courtesy of Kevin Bacon and Laura Dern