Theatrical Releases Coming to You

Universal’s theatrical releases will soon be coming to digital platforms. On March 16 Universal announced that it would soon be putting up some of its latest releases starting on March 20. 

“The Hunt”, “The Invisible Man”, “Emma” and “Trolls World Tour” will be rolling out to digital platforms for 48-hour rental periods for $19.99. 

Each of these films was currently in theaters or releasing soon, however many theaters across the country are closing so as to not expose audiences and staff to coronavirus. This new rental program hopes to provide audiences with a safe way to watch new releases in the comfort of their own homes.

Along with Universal’s rental program, other companies have begun putting out their movies for rental or streaming sooner than expected.

Disney+ added “Frozen II” to their streaming library on March 15, a full three months early. On top of this, they added: “Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker”, which was originally planned to come to the platform on March 17.

In addition, “Onward” was released for digital rental on March 20 and is coming to Disney+ on April 3.

Finally, the recently released “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey” and “The Gentlemen” will be available for purchase digitally on March 24. These films will cost $19.99 with the option to rent them coming sometime in April.

More films could follow suit as the film industry scrambles to react to the coronavirus. 


Story by: Alex Schilling
Photos Courtesy of: Blumhouse Productions, Disney, DC Entertainment