Scared To Present? Lets “Taco” Bout It

Have a presentation soon? Terrified to talk in front of people? If imagining them in their underwear and practicing in the mirror just aren’t working, the Speech and Presentation Center is here to help. 

From the rough draft to the practice run-through of your speech, the speech and presentation center is designed to assist students, faculty, staff and community members in every part of the process, improving their abilities to write and present speeches.

 “Speaking is something that is really stressful. It’s a scary thing to do but a large percentage of classes require presentations,” stated Speech and Presentation Center Director Bree Albrecht, “you’re going to have to present your entire life so you might as well do it successfully and not dread it.”

But the center goes underused and many students are unaware that it is an available resource. Taco Tuesdays were born to change that.

Taco Tuesdays are held once a month and provide the opportunity to come in, learn a skill, eat tacos, and get to know the staff and interns at the center. They’ve addressed topics such as conflict mediation and fear of public speaking.

The next one will be held on Feb. 25 and they will be partnering with the Career and Academic Advising Center. 

They will be presenting about how to interview successfully in the Academic Advising Center in ST 204. In addition to the presentation and free tacos, there will be a drawing for anyone in attendance to participate in.

Senior communication major Allison Moore discovered the Speech and Presentation Center as a freshman and it changed her college experience forever.

“When I was in COMM 1010 I came here and got help, and it made me realize this is something I want to do, so now I’m a communications major,” explained Moore. “Everyone has to take COMM 1010, so if you can make it so you enjoy it or at least understand it then that’s helpful. You may not love it as much as I do but I think learning how to do something helps the fear be taken out of it.”

While not everyone will find a passion for public speaking, the Speech and Presentation Center can be helpful for even the most confident speakers and Taco Tuesday provides a small taste of how to gain that confidence.

“We want students to start knowing that we have a center here dedicated to helping them work on their presentations at any phase in any major.” Albrecht said. “We’re just waiting here to help them have their own success story as far as overcoming fears and being a great speaker.”

To schedule an appointment or learn more about the center visit their website or stop in and say hello in room 205 in the Sharwan Smith Student Center.


Story by Larissa Beatty
Photo Courtesy of the Speech and Presentation Center