Southern Utah University Discuss Fee Changes

Southern Utah University’s Student Fee Committee met on Feb. 12 to discuss changes to fees. The committee’s final meeting focused on Outdoor Recreation fees increasing, the University Journal’s current fees and any questions that members had before voting on funding.

Outdoor Recreation requested a $2 increase to their fees bringing the total up to $10 per semester. This increase would be used to keep the rock wall open an extra ten hours, increase recreation trips and add two more events to the Outdoor Speaker series.

The fee increase was seen as a positive change as 400-500 unique visitors use the climb wall per semester, with the wall often being at capacity during open hours.

The Journal’s fee, which is remaining at $5.50, on the other hand had a longer discussion over its uses. 

These fees are used to publish monthly issues of the Journal as well as pay the staff that write for the publication. Along with the monthly Journal, there are also articles written daily on the website.

While these two funding topics were the focus of the meeting, there was also a discussion on Summer semester fees under the trimester structure.

Full-time students during the Summer semester will pay the full student fee that they would in Fall or Spring semesters. This was specifically brought up as there was a discussion on athletics fees being charged despite largely having no events at this time.

Athletics is largely seen as the most recognizable and highly lauded aspect of any university. When teams perform well it reflects positively on the university and adds validity to the school as a whole. With that in mind, the recognition of the university can help with future applications.

While full-time students will be charged for these fees, it isn’t being seen as an extra charge. Students will graduate sooner if they choose to participate in the Summer semester and pay fees that they would pay regardless if they had decided to only attend for Fall and Spring semesters.

The meeting ended with a vote on several of the fees that had been discussed in this meeting and previous meetings.


The committee approved the following fee changes:

Outdoor Recreation funding increase to $10 

Child Care fee that is now $3. 


Along with these fee changes the committee approved several fees that won’t be changing.

The University Journal for $5.50

Information Technology for $32

Athletics for $103.


While the Student Fee Committee has concluded their voting on fee changes, these aren’t final. The fees will be written up in a letter which will be presented to the president’s council, the board of trustees, and finally the board of regions.

The fees have to pass each of these groups before being finalized.

In pass statements President Wyatt has discussed his commitment to keeping school affordable.


Story by Alex Schilling
Photos Courtesy of Alex Schilling