SUU Shows Acceptance of All Cultures Through International Education Week

Southern Utah University’s International Education Week from Nov. 18-22 has activities and prizes every day for students who want to participate.

International Education Week is an annual event hosted by SUU’s Office of Learning Abroad and is meant to celebrate diversity and globally educate students.

“Students should participate in International Education Week because it is a fantastic opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of students from all around the world, while embracing what makes us both similar and different here at SUU,” said Bayleigh Dyer, Vice President of Culture Showcases. 

During this year’s International Education Week, students who attend four events or more can enter to win prizes. The prizes offered this year are a Nintendo Switch, a GoPro HERO 8 and a HiBoy Electric Scooter.

To enter for a chance to win one of these prizes, students must complete and submit an event passport, which can be found on the International Affairs website, by Nov. 22 at 2 pm.

In order to complete the passport, students must have four stamps, which will be given out at all International Education Week events.

Once completed, passports should be submitted to the Office of Learning Abroad, located in room ST 169.

A full schedule of International Education Week events and details can be found on SUU’s website or app. 

The International Affairs office believes that by attending International Education Week events, students are helping make SUU a global community that understands and accepts all cultures. 

“I’m excited for the cultural diversity that it’ll show at SUU,” said Kurt Meacham, a senior communications major. “As college students, we need to be sure to stay updated on the diversity on campus.” 

For more information about this year’s International Education Week, students can visit the Office of Learning Abroad in ST 169. 

Story by: Grace Conley

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