President Wyatt Opens His Home to The Community

Southern Utah University’s President Scott Wyatt has moved into a new home and opened the property for the public to tour on Saturday, Sept. 28. As part of SUU’s Homecoming Week, the tour welcomed the SUU and Cedar City community into the Wyatt family’s home to explore the new residence.

President Wyatt’s home is now across the street from the Southern Utah Museum of Art on the northeast side of SUU’s campus.

Inside the new home features spacious rooms that will soon be filled with furniture waiting to be moved. A living area near the front entryway features a fireplace and mantle filled with family pictures and plants. 

A piano and bench sit across the way of the fireplace as a centerpiece to the room. The Wyatts will have access to a new, renovated kitchen with smart appliances and another seating area already furnished with couches.


Downstairs, the home features a large lounge area perfect for entertaining guests. A large, wall-mounted television and couches are in place while a ping pong table sits behind the couches to entertain multiple people at one time. 

“My favorite part about it is that it’s across the street from the school,” said President Wyatt. “So we can hear the noises of campus and just walk across the street, and the museum’s right there. My office is kiddy-corner from there so it’s all pretty close.”

Aside from the location, the new property allows the Wyatts to see more students. 

“We also love there’s a lot of student housing,” he said, “so we see more students in our neighborhood.”

As for their old housing, President Wyatt mentioned the university’s plans to convert the home into an option for child care for students without another option. The project is up for bidding currently but he states it will be completed by the start of Summer 2020.

Story by:Tomas D’Anella
Photos courtesy of: Tomas D’Anella