Who Are the ACES and How Can They Help?

Are you feeling lost on campus, or do you have questions and don’t know where to turn? The Assistant Coaches for Excellence and Success are a helpful resource for students. 

The ACES are here to answer any questions students have, and offer tips for both inside and outside the classroom. 

“Overall I would say the ACES are there to help students find success and that they are getting what they want out of their experience here,” said Vanessa Kirkby, a senior chemistry major who has been an ACE for two years. “Too many people when they drop out of SUU or transfer leave because they didn’t find what they were looking for. This is very unfortunate because most of the time it’s here, they just need help finding it.”

Students can ask ACES for help about Canvas or registration. You can also ask them a variety of adult life questions you might have, with anything from relationship advice to how to get along with your roommates.

“I could probably mention every ACE’s name who has sat down at a desk with an indecisive student and helped them filter through [classes] until they find the exact one,” Says Ryan Bailey, Coordinator of Completion and Student Success at ACES.

ACES are also here if you simply need someone to vent to. 

“Finding success in college is more than the school stuff,” says Kirkby. “You can have everything set right for school, but if you don’t have the outside connections such as the friendships, the support for things that go on outside of school, then it doesn’t matter what you’re doing for school.”

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between ACES and Presidential Ambassadors is, Kirkby suggests that the Ambassadors are recruiters and ACES act as a “retention team.” The goal as an ACE is to help students to get the most out of their college experience and keep students coming back.

Alexandra Holsey, a sophomore, shared that during her freshman year when she was struggling with her grades and class schedule she went to the ACES. 

“They helped me make a plan, and know that I am going to graduate in the right amount of time,” said Holsey.

At the end of the day, the ACES are here to offer help to all those that need it, regardless of their situation. Even experienced T-Birds can find answers to their questions at The Nest.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it’s okay to ask for help,” said Kirkby. “I’ve realized there are more people struggling than you realize sometimes. That makes it easier when you’re struggling to open up to people, because chances are they have been through something hard to.”

If you ever need a place to take your questions, stop by The Nest in the Sharwan Smith Student Center, ST 178. The ACES are ready to answer your questions, or simply offer a wing to cry on.

Story By: Moriah Spainhower
Photo Courtesy of: Asher Swan