The New Activity Center is Now Open

The Ribbon-cutting for the new Activity Center took place at noon on Aug. 27th. Jeff Carr, Student Body President of SUUSA did the honors. Located in the Student Center between the Southern Utah University Student Association office and the Women’s Center For Health and Wellness, the Activity Center is a brand new, extremely fun resource here on campus.

SUU does a great job of giving students all the tools needed to succeed. Having a place to recharge with your friends is a necessary addition to our school. 

Kylee Shaffer, social media marketing director at SUUSA, said the new space has something for everyone. It is meant to be a place where students can go to relax and unwind. With all the stresses and worries of school, it’s healthy to take breaks to release some steam.

Some of the features in the new Activity Center include: video game stations, tables to eat at, chat, or study, two ping pong tables, a billiards table, and several television’s playing various sports or popular T.V. shows.

The official name for the Activity Center is still being voted on and determined by SUUSA, the organization that funded most of the activity center. Stop by with a friend the next time you want to switch up your studying spot, or beat them at Mario Kart.


Story By: Moriah Spainhower
Pictures By: Christopher Dimond