Bre Reid: Bright Spots

Bright spots.

The term is overused, especially in sports, but when a program is struggling the blips that come on otherwise empty radars are immeasurably valuable. SUU Women’s Basketball player Bre Reid has seen and made many bright spots during her four years at SUU.

Reid arrived at SUU after the Thunderbirds’ disappointing 2014-15 season. After an impressive high school career in Oklahoma, she came to SUU with the intention of turning things around in Cedar City.

That hasn’t really come to fruition. SUU has won 23 games and lost 95 since Reid arrived. It’s no fault of her own, but she had to come to terms with the change in her situation.

While the program floundered, Reid did her best to help SUU pop up on the radar. Her scoring and creativity have kept

 things interesting for fans who couldn’t find much else to cheer for.

She’s never missed a game in her four years with the program. She’s played 3,154 minutes with a game and the conference tournament to play in her career as a T-Bird.

In an era where it’s increasingly common for players to transfer at the drop of the hat, Reid shines as the result of what sticking it out can bring. That decision has molded her future.

“I fell in love with SUU,” Reid said. “I just felt like I needed to be here. I felt loved, like family. I feel like I made a good decision to stay here and I’m really glad I did.”

While she’s happy with her decision at the end of the journey, it doesn’t mean the road was smooth. Reid learned to manage expectations and focus on what she could control instead of getting caught up in the disappointing results.

“You have to learn to not take it personal. I’m that kind of person where I get down a lot. I think that’s where I’ve really grown over the four years. It’s overcoming getting down on myself and just having fun.”

First year head coach Tracy Sanders began the rebuilding process with a focus on improving daily to reach new heights around the program. It would have been easy for Reid to discount the foundation that Sanders was laying because she won’t be around to see the house be built, but she didn’t.

Reid took on a more potent leadership role as the only senior on a team with a brand new coaching staff. She’s done her best to do everything her coaches have asked of her. Her “lead by example” approach has been important in allowing Sanders and fellow teammates to step into roles they’ll be holding down in the future.

On Monday night, March 4, she reached the 1,000 point milestone against Montana State. Fans gave her a standing ovation as she walked off the court. She cried as she hugged her coaches and teammates.

Story by: Connor Sanders
Photos by SUU Athletics Strategic Communication