SUUSA Senate Meeting 1/22/19

The Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA) held their weekly senate meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22 to go over current campus issues.

With the issue of SUU campus going smoke-free still on the table, Representative Ethan Blair brought forth student concerns of smoking not being as dangerous as obesity and other health problems. Students were also concerned that going to a smoke-free campus would take away their right to choose.

Other senate members pointed out that going smoke-free may not be the best option for SUU because smoking itself is not the problem. One members suggested that more money go into an education budget to teach students the dangers of smoking.

After a lengthy discussion, the senate tabled the discussion for the next meeting for better and more informed discussion on the issue. One member did bring up that the issue has been tabled since last September, and voiced concern over how much longer the issue would be continue to be tabled.

The senate also tabled a discussion that would allow the current senate members to take club funding requests for the next fiscal year. The current senate would still have no authority to approve the requests, but would be able to pass them down to the next senate.

That discussion was tabled for a later meeting to address concerns of clubs possibly “double-dipping” into two fiscal year budgets, among other concerns.

For those interested in becoming more involved on campus, SUUSA Senate meetings are held every Tuesday in the Sterling Church Auditorium at 11:30 am.

Story By: Kurt Meachem