Cyber Monday Hits SUU Dining

The Southern Utah University Dining services is joining in on the Cyber Monday sales. For a limited time only, students will receive 20 percent off a 20/20 or 50/50 meal plan. Students can redeem this discount by entering the code recharge2018 on the dining website here, or at the cashiers office.

Purchasing a meal plan from SUU allows students to choose from several different on-campus dining locations. These include: any Chartwells location, Thunderbird Circle, Chick-fil-A, T-Bird Grill, Papa John’s, Outtakes, Sono Latin Grill and Jerry’s Cafe. All of these are found in the student center on campus.

The 20/20 meal plan lots 20 meals per semester with 20 dining dollars. This cost a total of $185. With the 20 percent discount, students can snag this deal for only $148.

Likewise, the 50/50 meals plan includes 50 meals per semester with 50 dining dollars. The original price of $465 will be lowered to $372 during the sale.

Dining Dollars is a specific amount of money that can be used for snacks and drinks at any chartwells locations. This includes all the dining areas as well as the convenient stores and coffee shops on campus.

After signing up for a meal plan, the dining dollars and meals will be applied to the student’s T-Card.

However, meal plans do expire and unused meals will not roll over to the following semester.

In order to snag the discount, students must purchase a meal plan by Nov. 30 online or at the cashiers office.

Story by: Easton Bowring
Photo by: Easton Bowring