Too Soon for Christmas?

I find myself asking every year, “How soon is too soon for Christmas?” Personally, I am of the opinion that it’s never too soon, and unpopular as it may be, I listen to Christmas music all year long.

Christmas isn’t just about presents, snow and sparkly lights. To me, Christmas means happiness; it means memories and time spent with my family that now lives so far away from me.

It’s a time of caring for and sharing with others and in this modern world where everyone is always so caught up in themselves and their busy lives is it so wrong to want a little bit of kindness?

I have spent the past two weeks rehashing the same mostly joking argument with my roommates about when it was acceptable to put up my Christmas tree.

The way I saw it, I was only going to have a few weeks to enjoy it before heading home to visit my parents for the semester break, so why not put it up as soon as possible? But my roommates made me swear not to put it up any sooner than one week before Thanksgiving or when we had the first snow.

I received my very own Christmas miracle Sunday morning when I woke up to snow flurries which meant that I got to set up my tree a whole three days earlier than I was expecting.

Call me crazy, or a turkey-hater if you must–I can deal with it since neither are true–but I think that the spirit and ideals of Christmas are something that I want with me all year long, not just when it’s commercially acceptable.

So before you go and make a judgy comment about my Christmas tree being up halfway through Nov. just know that it makes me happy and you’re not the one who has to look at it so don’t go trying to limit my holly-jolliness.

And no, it’s not too early for Christmas.

Story by: Alexis J. Taylor
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