Dear Thor: Indecisive Student

Dear Thor,

I am currently a sophomore here at SUU. I am a communication major and have loved my time getting to know different people in the COMM department. I love everything about SUU – the campus, the town, the people, and especially the mountains. I do not regret coming to SUU in the slightest.

However, since I have been here, I still am not entirely certain it is the right pick for me anymore. I am skeptical in staying here for the entirety of my degree, and that doesn’t sit well with me. I feel torn between wanting to leave little old Cedar, but at the same time I can’t imagine attending school anywhere else.

I am looking for some advice that would convince me that SUU really could be for me (and hopefully anyone else that may be struggling with the same concern).

Indecisive T-Bird


Dear Indecisive T-Bird,

Thank you for your vulnerability, as I believe many other students may have similar feelings.

I encourage you to think about what makes something your home. Is it the people, environment or even your bed? What makes you say, “I’ve found my place in this world”?

I challenge you to find ways to bring that to SUU. A few suggestions I have, would be to get involved. Attend as many Student Programming Board, athletic and academic events as possible. Get to know your professors on a personal level and meet as many people as you can. But no matter what you do, make sure you have fun.

Now I have an invitation for you. What can you bring to SUU? You have an unique personality, special talents and diverse experiences that very few have. Each of these will lead to the betterment of campus. As you express each of these in different ways, you may just find your place here.

If you are still struggling, I encourage you to visit my home in the nest, and talk to my good friend Eric Kirby ( 435-704-4912). He is always available to help you with specifics (finding a job, getting involved, finances, etc.), so please reach out if you need anything.

We want you here. You are important and this is your home! You are a T-bird!



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