T-Bird Tribune: Leave it at the Door

Leadership can make or break a team.

Leaders bring the best out of you when you think you can’t fight anymore. They give you the courage to overcome daunting fears. Their words of motivation will keep you striving for more success.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received came from SUU Gymnastics Team Captain Kamryn Bayer.   

Last semester I was feeling stressed and run down during finals week, but Kam was the most energetic I had ever seen her in practice. My teammates and I began complaining about the amount of tests we had to study for and essays we needed to type that week.

“Leave all your worries at the door,” Kam said, walking past.

It was really that simple. Ever since that day, I let practice be my outlet, no matter what is going on in my life. Practices became my vent session.

Advice like that can put things into perspective. I was focusing on the wrong things and with just a few words Kam snapped me out of it.

When sports becomes a priority in your life, it is easy to look at practices as a checklist.Not everyone gets up and gets to do what they’re passionate about. Because I have the privilege of doing what I love every day, I know you can’t do that. You have to remember it’s a privilege to play collegiate sports. When you remember that, practice stops being a checklist and becomes a gift.

“Life is crazy outside of the gym,” Kam told me. “A lot goes on [out there] and that [practice] can be your time to let loose and be in the moment and focus on something different. And to just enjoy the people around you.”

Story by: Maddie Loomis for SUU News
Photo by: SUU Athletics Strategic Communications