Flash Flood Warning in Utah

Even those of us in the land-locked state of Utah have reason to be concerned with Tropical Storm Rosa and all other storm warnings along the west coast of the United States.

According to reports from Utah news meteorologists, the state could expect to experience flash floods and even the possibility of some early snow this week. Flash flood watches have already been announced for southwest and central Utah. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, flooding of road ways and rivers could hit Utah early this week.

Those of us who live in southern Utah have also been advised to be on the lookout for another potential hazard. Residents of the area should be aware of any debris that could come down with the flooding from the burn scars that resulted from the fires in the area over the summer months.

The National Weather Service (NWS) tweeted on Oct. 1 that those individuals who do live in or are currently visiting the areas that are at risk for the potential of burn scar debris coming with the flood should be sure that they have their plans for the situation planned out now. In their tweet the NWS reminds Utah residents that a “flash flood watch means: prepare.”

To learn what you should do to prepare for a flash flood, what to do if one occurs and what should be done after check out the flood section on the website ready.gov. Here are just a few of the suggestions and warnings that are listed on the website.

If you are caught outside during a flash flood do not try to drive through the water. If you are inside your car, stay there unless the water is rising past the windows, then get on the roof.

If you are in a building on a level that is safe, stay inside unless the water is inside the building and rising. If that is the case then once again get on the roof.

Flash floods can cause power outages, so be sure that all of your necessary electronics and back up charging devices are prepared.

Hopefully we will not have to worry about or deal with any flooding in our area, but even if we do not I would strongly suggest that you keep an umbrella and a jacket with a hood in your bags or cars this week.

To keep up with the rainfall and possible flash flooding, check the local and state news and follow NWS Salt Lake City’s twitter for more timely news announcements regarding any changes in the weather this week.

Story By: Carlee Jo Blumenthal
Photo By: Al Nik on Unsplash