Pizza and Politics: The State of Health Care

Every Wednesday at noon, students gather in the Leavitt Center for Pizza and Politics, a discussion group where students can share their ideas on a topic for that week and learn about others’ ideas.

This week’s topic was “The State of Health Care.” While this is a more controversial topic, the Leavitt Center does not shy away from touchy subjects.

“We have students vote on [what topics] they would like to cover,” says Taylor Cella, Executive Council Member. “We try and make sure it is relevant [to the student body] and has both sides to it.”

One question that really got students talking this week was, “Do you support or oppose the use of insurance mandates?”

Many students shared their opinions while opening up the debate for more questions.

“I think that the issue here is if you can’t get it into law in Vermont or California, a notoriously left-wing state, what are the odds of that getting through at the national level?” said Matthew Conoder, a junior studying information systems and a longtime goer of Pizza and Politics.

The Leavitt Center accepts all points of views, and all who are eager to learn about hot topics in politics and the news are welcome. All they ask is civility from participants.

Pizza and Politics runs in the Leavitt Center every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. Next week’s topic is “The Space Force.”

Story by: Cairo Cook
Photos by: Cairo Cook