Album Review: Hozier’s EP ‘Nina Cried Power’

After a four year wait Hozier is back.  The artist most recognizable from his hit single “Take me to Church” has finally released an EP album titled “Nina Cried Power.” Released on September 6th, 2018, this album is composed of four songs that exemplify the versatility of Hozier’s bluesy-gospel-rock style.  

When releasing his collection Hozier said on Twitter that this album, “is an example of what (I’ve) been working on in the last while and will be a small taste of what is to be expected from the upcoming album.”   

Old and new fans alike will be pleased with “Nina Cried Power.”  It is apparent that a positive evolution of style has taken place during his musical hiatus.  Hozier has improved on his ability to create musical layers and complexity as well as the depth and composition of the lyrics. The four songs truly show the strength and potential of Hozier’s lyrical prowess and talent.  

The only issue some may find with this album is the political opinions and statements that are less veiled than previous works.  Hozier went on record calling the album, “a thank you note to the spirit of protest” in an interview with Billboard Magazine. This is something that is not surprising considering his dedication to fighting for equality and justice in his native country.

Politics aside, this album is a beautifully crafted, composed and a performed work of art.  Fans should be looking forward to the new music that will come with the full album release in 2019.   

  Story by: Maddie Carter for SUU News 

Photo by: Billboard