Online Dating vs. In Real Life

With the transition from high school to college, there comes a point when classes get harder, tests get longer and dating becomes more serious. With the new technology constantly changing our perspective on life, we rarely realize the impact it has had on our dating careers. With new apps like “Tinder,” “Mutual” and “Grindr,” it makes it highly possible to find a match no matter what your preference. So the questions come up; what is better, online dating or in real life?

To many “old school” daters out there, the thought of searching online for a soul mate sounds pretty daunting. The fact of deciding whether someone is attractive off of a few pictures and a tweet-size bio is simply not enough for some people. Instead, they would prefer to walk up to the cute girl in class and ask for her number.  

For me, I have found great interest in online dating. I am the shy kid who has never asked a girl for her number due to the fear of rejection. So, it’s nice being able to view a profile and decide if I should swipe left or right. One of the most satisfying moments is when I find a girl that I find cute and realize that we have matched. I then know I have a slight chance of going on a date with a girl when I normally would have been to scared to even ask for her number.

Now as beautiful as online dating may sound, there are some horror stories that come from it. One day I was hanging out at a friend’s house, a little bored so we all decided to hop on Tinder. After swiping left and right a few times, I came across a profile that stopped me in my tracks. There was my ‘dream girl.’ She stood about 5 foot 4 inches, dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. It was everything I was looking for. There was one problem. There were a few pictures but no bio. But, being in the state of mind that I was, I simply swiped right and hoped for the best.

Forgetting about it completely, I was shocked when the next day I got a notification that I had a new match. Quickly logging on, I was shocked to find that I had matched with that ‘dream girl.’ After exchanging a few messages, I soon found myself planning a date for the next night. It was exactly what I was looking for, or was it?

After showing up to her house, I found myself a little shocked. It was the home of the same girl. However, she didn’t quite match her Tinder pictures. Deciding I should still be nice and go on the date, we headed out for some gourmet ice-cream at Wendy’s. After a very long 45 minutes of listening to her high-pitched and bratty voice, I explained that I really needed to visit the restroom.

I entering the restroom and quickly pulled out my phone and called my closest friend. I critically told her that I needed her to call me in 3 minutes and make up a desperate situation demanding that I come help her right away. Half laughing as I walked out of the restroom, I sat down and ate the last few bites of my frosty when my phone started to ring.

Soon I found myself having to tell my date that she couldn’t come along to help and that I needed to drop her off at home. She was very understanding and agreed that I should go help my friend alone. Approaching her apartment, I left the car running hoping to make this a quick drop off. I walked her to the door, trying to stay as nice as possible, but quickly found myself awkwardly embraced by her arms. With my arms straight down, she grabbed my face and proceeded to attempt to bite my lip off. Trying to pull away, she grabbed my face harder and pulled me in. After a very long and painful few seconds, I forced myself free ran to my car and drove away. It’s safe to say there was never a second date.

Now, this is my horror story of online dating. Surprisingly enough, I still have the app and have even met some of my best friends through it. However, I warn you to make sure you get to know the person a little better before going on a date with them.

In the case that you meet your soulmate online, I highly suggest telling your grandma that you met in class or at church. I can promise you it will go better than if you tell her you met her on a dating app.

When you think about the differences between online and real-life dating, it comes down to preference. Both have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. However, by downloading a dating app you, you can skip the awkward step of approaching someone in person and jump right into talking with someone who finds you attractive.

So tonight when you climb into bed, grab your phone and download the dating app of your choice. You will end up making stories to last a lifetime. Even if you end up not finding your soulmate, you will be laughing though the process.

Whatever your preference may be, may the dating stage bring you much joy and laughter as you meet some of this worlds brightest and craziest individuals.


Story by
Easton Bowring for SUU News

Photo Credit
Easton Bowring