Thor the Thunderbird: A Beacon for SUU

Who is the one person that you can always count on to be at any sporting event? The person whose job is to meet and greet with students and alumni alike to help build school spirit? That would be the one and only Thor the Thunderbird.

The current Thor has had the opportunity to be in this position since May 2017.

Thor thoroughly enjoyed being at all the football games last fall with the hundreds of fans.

“I really just loved the energy of the fans,” Thor said. “It made it super fun because anywhere I went in the stadium, there were people I could interact with and make laugh. I miss the football games.“

Even though Thor is the God of Thunder, he was able to work on his humility during the football season.

In October of 2017, the SUU football team defeated Weber State in Ogden. After the game, the Weber State mascot, “Who was a super nice guy,” Thor said, came up to Thor and offered him a place to change.

When SUU faced Weber in the FCS Playoffs at home in December, SUU lost. Even though Thor was upset, he approached the Weber State mascot to return the favor.

“It’s funny because when he was so nice to me when we beat them at football, when they came here and beat us, I was pretty upset and I didn’t want to be nice to him,” Thor said. “But he had been nice to me, so I returned the favor and gave him a place to change.”

As much as Thor enjoyed being at the football games, he loved creating relationships with the fans at the basketball games.

“At the football games, there are so many people there so you interact with groups of people at a time,” Thor said. “But at basketball games, the fans are so up close and personal that by the end of the game I would always build a relationship with the fans. You get to know the people better and build a relationship.”

According to Thor, the only problem with creating relationships with fans during the game is that they didn’t know who he was once he takes of the mask.

“There have been so many times that after a basketball game while I am walking out of the America First Event Center, I will be going to give someone a high five or say hi but then I remember that they actually don’t know me,” said Thor. “They only know me as Thor.”

In a few short weeks Thor will be hanging up the Thunderbird costume for the last time due to graduating college. Even though his short career as Thor may be ending, he said he will always cherish the time he got to put on the mask and be the God of Thunder

“I feel like a superhero when I put on the suit,” Thor said. “It’s like you are living a double life. It’s so much fun to be able to put on a suit and have everyone know who you are. I feel like when you are Thor you are a central part of the SUU culture. I am going to miss being the face of SUU.”

Whoever is asked to be the next Thor, Thor wishes them the best, and hopes they strive to be the best Thor the Thunderbird they can be.

“I would tell the next Thor to not be afraid to being Thor,” said Thor. “Be a powerful character. Be a beacon for the university.”

We are so thankful for all the school spirit and laughter Thor brought to us over this past school year. Although this Thor is leaving SUU, the legend of Thor will continue throughout the ages.

Story By
Cassidy Harmon

Featured Photo By
Haleigh Clemens