Math Made Easy for High School Students

If you struggle to help your high school student with their math homework, you are not alone.

Math Made Easy (for high school students) is a community education class brought to you by Southern Utah University. In six-weeks your high school student can learn the skills, tools and techniques they need to succeed in math for their high school classes and beyond.

“In this class, students will be exposed to the practices, routines and methods that successful math students use at any level of math,” said Amy Thorpe, adjunct professor of math at SUU. “A lot of students struggle in math even though they are really bright. With some change in routines and basic habits, any student can be successful in math.”

Thorpe graduated from Arizona State University after earning a secondary education degree with an emphasis in high school math and is currently attending graduate school courses at SUU. But she admits she wasn’t always good at math.

“I learned in middle school that mindset has a considerable impact on our learning abilities in terms of what we can and can’t do,” she said. “So if we create a different reality for ourselves — if we change that mindset — all a student needs is the right tools in their toolbox. A lot of math is essentially the ability to recognize patterns.”

She also found success in asking others for help, although she knows that can be difficult with busy high school teachers, parents who struggle with math themselves, and the stresses of other classes, Thorpe said.

“As I struggled with math, I learned more when I shared with others what I had learned,” she said. “And when others shared what they had learned with me, it opened up my world.”

The new Office of Community and Academic Enrichment at SUU is now offering community education classes in several subjects. Assistant Director Suzette Beach said courses offered beginning in March are designed to create social engagement in the community, and for those who love to learn something new, while other classes are created for those who desire to get ahead in life.

“We want to provide resources for the community to excel, and we are aware that many students struggle with math,” Beach said. “The concepts that students learn in Math Made Easy will only open the gate for them to be successful while preparing for college tests, and throughout their college math classes.”

Math Made Easy (for high school students) begins on Wednesday, March 21 and meets on Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m. for six weeks on the campus of SUU. The cost for the course is $99. Invest in your student’s future today by registering today at For more information, email, call (435) 865-8259 or stop by the Community Education office at 136 W. University Blvd, Suite 003, Cedar City, Utah.

Story Courtesy of Haven Scott