Historic Cove Fort featured in Utah Life Magazine

Provo, Utah, Jan. 25, 2018 – A feature in Utah Life Magazine’s upcoming issue tells the story of Cove Fort, the historic site north of Beaver that has served as a way-station for travelers for more than 150 years. The article, with story and photographs by Utah Life staffer Joshua Hardin, appears in the statewide publication’s March/ April 2018 issue.

Located at the western terminus of 2,200-mile Interstate 70, Cove Fort has been restored to give visitors a glimpse of frontier life in 1867, the year Brigham Young called Ira Hinckley to build the outpost to protect travelers from attack and give them a place to rest.

The civilian fort was never the scene of any fighting, though at least one person was shot there. The incident happened when two of Hinckley’s sons, Bryant and Ed, found their father’s pistol. “They showed it to a preoccupied babysitting telegraph operator who examined the gun and assured them it was empty,” Hardin writes. “However, the brothers went back to their nursery room where Ed pulled the trigger and accidentally shot Bryant in the Knee.”

Latter-day Saints President Gordon B. Hinckley, grandson of Cove Fort’s founder, presided over the reopening of the site to the public in 1994. Today, the historic stone structure is a rare opportunity for people to experience a frontier for in Utah.

The Cove Fort story appears in Utah Life’s March/April 2018 issue. Other stories include a photo-filled feature on the forbiddingly beautiful Maze District of Canyonlands National Park, a look at the urban bird oasis at the Ogden Nature Center, Utah recipes and profiles of the artists who interpret life in our state.

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