Dolores: International Film Festival Preview

The language department will hold the International Film Festival from Jan. 29 to Feb. 10 in the Sharwan Smith Theater, room 161D.

The first film will be “Dolores.” The movie will show at 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 29. There will be an introduction and post-screening discussion with Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Matthew Eddy.

“Dolores” is a 2017 film from Spanish director Peter Bratt. The film is Spanish/English with English subtitles and has a runtime of 98 minutes.

The movie premiered at Sundance last year and is still currently in theaters.

The movie follows Dolores Huerta, an activist who started the first farm worker unions with Cesar Chavez. Huerta worked alongside Chavez to fight for racial and labour justice.

This film was chosen by Assistant Professor of Spanish Iliana Portaro. Here is her reasoning behind choosing this film to screen:

“A few years ago the Spanish program received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to bring Latin cultural events to campus. As part of our programming, we screened the PBS documentary, ‘Latino Americans’ and the film ‘Cesar Chavez.’ During the post-screening discussions with the audience, many students and community members would mention how surprised they were to never learn about Latino history in school.

“After the ‘Cesar Chavez’ screening, people also had lengthy conversations about the depiction of Dolores Huerta in the film. They wanted to know more about her life and contributions. Dolores Huerta is an iconic activist and an inspiration, so when ‘Dolores’ premiered last year at Sundance, I knew I wanted it to be one of the Spanish-language selections for this year’s ICSUU International Film festival.

“‘Dolores’ is an incredible film that highlights the complexities of being a political activist, a hero, a Mexican-American, a feminist, a mother, and in general a socially-engaged human being. I think it is important to choose films that highlight diverse stories and filmmakers and enrich our campus conversations about diversity and inclusion.”

For more information on the films and the schedule in its entirety, please visit their website here.

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