Getting Involved with Intramural

With the semester coming to a close and winter drawing near, intramural sports are also winding down before more opportunities become available next semester. Intramurals are a chance to get out of the house and a break from a work routine to enjoy a recreational hobby.

Registration for intramurals can be done through IMLeagues, SUU’s intramural sports resource. IMLeagues provides schedules and information for registration to students who may be interested in playing intramural sports, and some tournaments even offer prizes for the winning teams. This semester’s opportunities included pink volleyball for breast cancer awareness, football, and co-ed volleyball.

Intramural athletes can only be involved in one sport at a time according to SUU policy. If an ineligible player is used on a team, the students are required to forfeit the game and both player and team are eliminated from tournament play. If a student repeatedly participates while ineligible they may be banned from registering for intramural sports altogether.

Coordinator of Campus Recreation Ken Nielson said intramurals are available from the second week of the semester until finals week, and that playing in intramurals has a lot of positives.

“Some benefits are that you can play something you can enjoy (or) try a new sport you haven’t tried yet,” Nielson said.

Playing on the International Office team for co-ed volleyball, Reynaldo Jurado Biolley, a freshman management major from Escazú, Costa Rica, said teamwork helps students from all over campus unite for sports.

“It means integrating people into activities on campus from studies and work,” Biolley said.

Kallie Fuellenbach, a senior pre-nursing major from Monroe, served as the referee for a co-ed volleyball game and agreed that intramurals help the competitors socialize with one another.

Win or lose, intramural sports are a resource for students to take a break from studying and enjoy recreation that will help balance college life and would be a great way to kick off any fitness resolutions in the new year. For more information on intramurals for the spring semester, visit SUU’s page at

Story By
Dan Lauper for SUU News