The Breakdown: SUU Student Fees

Once a year, students pay $378.75 in student fees. While often lumped in with tuition, student fees are radically different and do not generally affect tuition and classes.

Each student’s fees are broken up into specific amounts given to specific clubs and organizations  on campus, decided the year prior by SUUSA. The SUUSA Senate meets and decides to raise, lower or abolish certain parts of fees, which get passed on to students the following fall semester.

The confusing part is how they are divided between on-campus organizations. This is reflected as a portion of individual fees, so it is tough to know how much each entity actually received. What students can easily see is the amount from each individual fee that was taken.

This information is public record and is required by state law to be available for students. SUU has complied with this law, and this information is available here. Some fees have been combined for brevity.

Athletics – $102.00

This fee allows students to get into each game for free. It pays for the operation of the Athletics Department.

Buildings – $161.00

The Sharwan Smith Student Center gets $146 and the

Southern Utah Museum of Art gets $15 for upkeep of buildings

and new furniture.

Campus Recreation/SUU Outdoors – $13.00

This fee allows students to use the P.E. Building for free, and pays for equipment and referees for intramurals, and also helps pay for free trips and wages for student employees.

Civic Engagement Center – $1.00

Also known as the Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service. This pays for Pizza and Politics, lobbying trips to Salt Lake City and any other events the Leavitt Center hosts.

Community Engagement Center – $4.75

This supports programs like the after school swim lessons, after school sports, special olympics and other service-oriented events that the Community Engagement Center hosts. It also aids in Bread and Soup Nite.

CAPS – $20.00

The Counseling and Psychological Services Center provides counseling and therapy to those who need it. This fee was actually raised from last year due to the need of the community.

Music/Theatre Arts and Dance – $6.25

This allows free access to all music department concerts, and access to the recording studio. It also aids in instrument purchase and repair and helps students get further education within the department, and production budgets for shows.

Sharwan Smith Student Center Activity Fee – $6.25

This is separate from the original Student Center fee. This fee pays for the Student Involvement and Leadership Office (where SUUSA’s offices are), the Cheer and Stunt Team, R.E.A.L. Peer Mentor program and the non-traditional student offices. This fee also helps pay for some furniture within the student center.

SUUSA – $24.50

SUUSA divides this fee between the branches of student government. This includes activities, clubs, organizations and publicity. It also supports senate initiatives.

Student I.D. Card – $1.50

Self-explanatory. Don’t lose it, replacements cost $5.00.

Student Technology – $32.00

This fee provides computer labs and software free of charge to students. It also supports the Wi-Fi and printing services.

The University Journal – $5.50

The University Journal receives this fee to keep SUU faculty and students up-to-date on city and campus events and news. They publish  a monthly magazine and online at

Story for Print By
Andrew Leavitt