WNBA Moving to Las Vegas

Similar to a dragon with a pile of gold, Las Vegas can’t seem to stop themselves from collecting sports teams. The San Antonio Stars WNBA team announced last week they would be making the move to Sin City, and recently disclosed that the team had been purchased by MGM Resorts International.

In a phone interview with the Associated Press, WNBA President Lisa Borders said Las Vegas had been on the league’s radar for a while.

“We’ve had conversations with the MGM family executive team,” Borders said. “They are bringing live sports to Las Vegas.”

The WNBA Stars will join NHL expansion team Vegas Golden Knights and will be followed quickly by the NFL’s Raiders in their move the Las Vegas.

Starting next season, the Stars will take residence in the Mandalay Bay Events Center the Associated Press reports.

With a current 8-26 season record, the move could revitalize the Stars. Point guard Kelsey Plum told the Associated Press in a phone interview she was excited for the move to Vegas, hoping her Southern California family could come to more games.

“Getting to Texas wasn’t the easiest thing for them,” Plum said. “Now it’s a short flight or drive for them to come watch.”

As for the NBA making a move to the city of neon lights, Borders told the Associated Press that commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver would be the best to ask.

Story By
Haleigh Clemens