Close to Campus: Kolob Canyon

The word “Kolob” is a biblical reference meaning “heavenly body nearest to the throne of God.” Whether Kolob Canyon lives up to this claim is for each person to decide for themselves.

The Kolob Canyons are located in Dixie National Forest, 40 miles north of Zion National Park, and only 20 miles away from campus.

The narrow slots of sandstone form peaks and caves with cliff walls reaching over 2,000 feet high. Whether visiting to hike into one of the canyons, begin a multi-day backpacking trip through Zion Park, or camp in the panoramic wilderness, Kolob Canyon is a popular location for many outdoor activities.

All trails in Kolob allow Equestrian training. Kolob Canyon Road is five miles long and open for ATV riding. Kolob also contains several hikes ranging in skill levels.

Timber Creek Trail is a beginner hike, one mile round trip, which follows the ridge top of the canyon to a small peak which overlooks Kolob Terrace. Taylor Creek trail is a moderate, five mile long round trip along the middle fork that leads to the “Double Arch Alcove”.

Kolob Arch trail is the longest and most difficult hike in Kolob Canyon. The 14-mile round trip hike can take all day. The trail starts at Lee’s Pass, continuing through LaVerkin Creek and ends at United States’ largest natural arch.

Hop Valley, LaVerkin Creek and Willis Creek offer backpacking opportunities leading into Zion National Park. All backpacking and canyoneering trails require a wilderness permit.

Campgrounds are not available in Kolob Canyon. All guests must stop at the Kolob Canyon Visitor Center to show a Park Pass or pay an entrance fee. The office is located at 3752 E. Kolob Canyon Rd, New Harmony, Utah. Here, wilderness permits can also be obtained for marked canyoneering routes.

Additional questions can be answered by visiting the Kolob Canyon Visitors Center website or calling (435) 772-3256.

Story By
Ansleigh Mikesell