Leavitt Center Fights Fake News

On Friday, Sept. 29, the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics & Public Service hosted an event titled, “Checking Sources: How to detect the difference between real and fake news.”

Autumn Boren, sophomore English education major from Dallas, Texas, and Taylor Cella, senior information systems major from Syracuse, presented information to help students recognize the difference between reputable and untrustworthy news sources.

Boren and Cella advised students to look for more than one source for an article, check for a clearly listed author and publication date, and to confirm that the news was not a joke article similar to those published on sites like “The Onion” to research news. The presentation was interactive, and students were given the chance to find trustworthy sources by searching for future Pizza & Politics topics on their smartphones.

Students were told to consult websites like snopes.com and factcheck.org if they were unsure about a news article’s accuracy.

More information about future Leavitt Center events can be found here.

Story By
Megan Fairbanks