How to Join SUU Outdoor Adventures

Ansleigh Mikesell

Students can find the SUU Outdoor Adventure calander in the Outdoor Center. Photo courtesy of Mitchell Quartz

SUU Outdoors offers several planned excursions for students but many wonder how to apply.Ever since the remodeling of the SUU Outdoors shop in Sharwan Smith, many outdoor resources have become easily accessible and definitely more popular around campus.The greatest of these being the adventure trips hosted by SUU Outdoors employees.

When asked about the success, manager Kevin Koontz said, “When I first started working … three years ago, these trips were non-existent. Over the years, we started having a few [adventures] each month. Now today, the past couple trips were filled within a few hours.”

This fall semester, SUU Outdoors has planned over 25 adventures for students to participate in. These trips range from weekend-long paddle boarding trips to Lake Powell to backpacking around the Grand Canyon.

Many students may ask, “How do I sign up?” No need to fear, it’s easy!

Check the calendar of trips at SUU Outdoors in the Sharwan Smith Student Center. To reserve a spot, go to the shop two weeks prior to the event with the following: a student ID card with a current activities sticker and a credit or debit card. Don’t worry, this is just collateral in order to check gear out under a student’s name.

All trip costs are covered by student fees, however, if a student fails to attend, there is a charge of $20 for wasting coveted spots.

There is no time to waste. Visit the SUU Outdoor website to review the adventures this semester!