Destination T-Bird

Mitchell Quartz

Destination: Toquerville Falls

Location: Toquerville, Utah

Directions: Get on I-15 going south. Continue on I-15 for 30 miles/ 48 kilometers until you reach exit 27 for UT-17. Travel on UT-17 for 2.7 miles/ 4 kilometers to Spring Drive. Stay on Spring Drive for 5.5 miles/ 9 kilometers to your destination.

Activities: Hiking, swimming in the pools below the falls, camping and photo opportunities.

Warnings and Special Instructions: The road to the falls is very rough; vehicles with low ground clearance will not make it. A vehicle such as SUVs and trucks with four-wheel drive are preferred. The rocks around and in the falls are slippery. Extreme caution along with proper footwear must be used when walking around the falls to avoid serious injury.



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