Voting for SUUSA Student Elections Now Open

Student elections for positions in the Southern Utah University Student Association, Student Programming Board and various graduate college and school programs at SUU are being held March 24-26. 

The voting opened at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Students can vote for candidates running for positions by logging into the mySUU portal and clicking the voting prompt on the homepage.

SUU hosts numerous student-led committees to foster student involvement in decisions relating to the way the university is run. SPB plans activities and events on campus. SUUSA features an executive council which oversees financial decisions, clubs, and other functions, and a student senate, which acts to represent the student body and helps students and faculty communicate.

SUUSA and SPB will be combining during the elections to make it easier for them to work together after roughly five years of being separate entities.

“The student government plays an important role on campus, increasing the students’ experience, advocating for students, and being there for students,” said Nouman Kante, the current student body president who is running for reelection. “It’s important that each and every single one of us get out there to select somebody who can best do that job.”

The Student Body President candidates are Nouman Kante and Matthew Matheson, and the vice president of academics candidates are Mitch Zufelt and Rio Lefevre.

The vice president of marketing candidates are Brandon Croft and Ward Wilkes, and the vice president of finance candidates are Jaxon Swalberg and Makayla Brown.

The vice president of clubs candidates are Brock Bleak and Christian White, and the vice president of programming candidate is Paige Washburn.

“I think each of us, when we go to polls, that we are voting for a person for a different reason,” said Kante. “Some are based on the platform, some are based on connection, some are based on who’s actually a good fit to the job and who they believe that can actually be there for them and advocate and get things done.”

To learn more about the candidates, the positions that they are running for and the functions of the student platforms, visit SUU’s student election website.


Story and photos by: Sasha Johnson