SUU Addresses Centennial of the 19th Amendment

The Southern Utah University Women and Gender Studies program and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion held a meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss women’s suffrage and specifically the 19th Amendment. 

“As both a gender historian and the co-coordinator of the WGS program, I thought that it was really important that SUU take some time to celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment and the sesquicentennial of Utah women gaining the right to vote,” Laura Davis explained.

The meeting covered the progress that women have made in the United States in regards to voting and equal rights. 

During the recent presidential election, the country saw a significant increase in women voters. The New York Times even mentioned that Joe Biden winning the election was greatly dependent on female voters. 

Students in attendance also had the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists who advocate for women’s rights. Utah settlement in the 1800’s and women’s rights at the time was a topic that was discussed early in the meeting. 

Panelists included Center for Diversity and Inclusion Director Donielle Savoie, Diversity and Inclusion representative for SUUSA Cynthia Hawk, and social studies major Nadine Sevier.

“I think it is always important to study our past to understand our present condition,” Davis said. “In the case of the centennial of the 19th amendment, it is important to recognize the long and complicated road to suffrage the women (of all races and ethnicities) endured, to celebrate how far we have come and to continue to advocate for more female representation in voting and politics.”

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Story by: Lainie Hallows