Johannes Brahms Concert: SUU Choir and Symphony

On Tuesday the 23rd the Heritage Center Theatre hosted the Southern Utah University Choir and Symphony Orchestra to showcase Johannes Brahms: A German Requiem. With a spectacular concert of seven movements, both the choir and symphony were able to deliver and blend together harmonic sounds to its audience.

Directed by Dr. Xun Sun, Sun was able to give a beautiful performance that grabbed from Bible verses brought to life by vocal soloists and SUU’s Orchestra.

The first movement was an entry to captivate its audience with mischievous soft harmonies complimenting what Johannes Brahms had intended; which was to leave those listening with aspirations and what it means to be human.

Following was a dramatic third movement that was sung in German to show the combination of vocal presence from soloist Robert Brandt and the Symphony.

The final moments of all seven movements came together and ended, leaving its audience with not only an impressive interpretation of life but a concert to remember for its passion and ambitious attitude.

Johannes Brahms was a German musician and conductor known worldwide for “A German Requiem” in the mid-1800’s borrowing from Bach and incorporating a personal and spiritual feeling in his music.


Story by: Kinon Cole
Photo by: Kinon Cole