Trimester Disadvantages

With SUU proposing the new trimester system, several students have come out with concerns about the new change, most of which are based on speculation.

A little bit of research will go a long way in helping determine if this change is good or not. But despite research, every choice has a consequence that will affect people in a negative way. Here are a few of the impacts that trimesters can have on colleges and the students.

Textbook Costs:

More classes offered in the summer means that students will need more textbooks for these classes. With the semester system currently in place, it is estimated that having $1,600 available for books is the smartest choice. But with another full semester, that price is expected to increase, adding yet another financial burden on students.

Schedule Conflicts:

Fitting classes into a personal schedule is already tough. Sometimes multiple classes that need to be taken to complete a major are offered at the same time and, therefore, cannot be taken in the same semester. The proposed calendar currently would make classes meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays go from 50 minutes to 60 with a 15-minute break between classes. This also increases Tuesday and Thursday classes to 90 minutes rather than 70.

Fast-Paced Learning:

College is already crazy busy; 14 weeks of learning with one or two extended breaks on top of a finals week is stressful. Under the proposed trimester calendar, students would have even fewer weeks of school . This means that they will have less time in the semester to study, despite the slightly longer class times. Instead of having 15 weeks to learn all the material it will be crammed into 11 or 12. This may lead to students taking fewer credits in the fall and winter semesters while still being hesitant to take a spring semester that stretches into July.

Cedar City Crowding:

Summer in Cedar City is one of the best things to experience. With all the outdoor activities around, it’s hard to be bored. However, that will change over time with more students here in the summertime. One student said “I like Cedar in the summer. It’s quiet and there’s parking.”

Although the proposed calendar would have the spring semester ending in July, that still leaves students here in June. Many students may not want to leave home for the proposed six-week summer vacation, leaving Cedar City littered with students all year long. Although some students will leave, the outdoor activities around southern Utah are expected to be a little busier with more college students around. There is also the issue that the university will need to hire more faculty that will be housed within the Cedar City area.

There can be some major issues for students thinking about taking another semester at SUU. But it’s important to continue to do your own research.

During his forum on the proposed change, President Wyatt said: “Students will not be required to go to school in the summer. It will always be optional.”

Students can avoid many concerns that the proposed calendar brings to light. But for those that want to try this different calendar, consider all of the available options first.

Story by Kurt Meacham 
Photo by STIL on Unsplash