Cardboard Boat Race Brings Competition to SUU

On October 9, 2018, SUU held their annual Cardboard Boat Race in the PE building. There was an intense level of competition as competitors used a combination of engineering and flair to craft different kinds of boats.

While most competitors reported that it took them anywhere between three and five hours to make a boat, Brian Fullerton, the man behind the winning boat, said, “I was up most of my nights this week trying to come up with the best design for our boat, and it paid off.”

This marks as 18th year this competition has been running. The competition was started by Dr. Scott Hansen, Professor of Engineering Technology. Hansen said that he always looks for opportunities to give students a chance to make something and apply it to the real world.

The SUU Cardboard Boat Race Competition is held annually during homecoming week. This competition is open to all SUU faculty, staff and students. Spectators are also encouraged to participate by watching and cheering on their classmates.

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Story and Photo by: Zach Adams for SUU News