Guest Blogger: The Crafty Nurse Makes Fall Pumpkins

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Dustin

Jessica Dustin, a senior nursing major from Cedar City, has been blogging about her home decor. Her most recent project is decorating dollar store pumpkins with paint and glitter. This fall craft is super easy and costs about $15 to make five pumpkins.

As this craft does involve glitter, Dustin has some tips and tricks to handling it. She recommends doing this craft outside, but if you opt to work inside, use a vacuum and a damp cloth to pick up stray glitter. Glitter also slides off of bowls with water.



Styrofoam pumpkins

Paint (Dustin uses black and white)

Foam paint brushes

Small bristle paint brush

Glitter (Dustin uses silver and gold)

Mod Podge


First, remove the stems from the pumpkins if possible, then paint the pumpkins.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Dustin

Next, add the glitter using Mod Podge by either painting on the mod podge and sprinkling the glitter above it or by dipping a brush in Mod Podge and then dipping it in glitter. To prevent glitter from spreading to areas you don’t want it in, simply use washi tape to create barriers.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Dustin

Finish by covering all of the glittered areas of the pumpkin with Mod Podge. This will prevent the glitter from falling off and spreading around your house.

To see more of Dustin’s creations, visit her website or follow her on Instagram @the_crafty_nurse. Share your fall creations with the Journal on Instagram by tagging @suu_news with the hashtag #accent.

Story by
Jenna Chapman