SUUDO to put on student dance showcase

The Southern Utah University Dance Organization, a student-run organization, will be hosting a dance showcase Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Thorley Recital Hall. Tickets cost $3 at the door.. The showcase provides an opportunity for students to show their work in a low-stakes environment.

SUUDO opened applications for any SUU student to submit pieces for the showcase, aiming to give people both inside and outside of the dance program a chance to perform or choreograph. While each applicant is responsible for their own piece, SUUDO facilitates the performances themselves. The showcase is a more informal medium for dancers to work.

This could be an excerpt from any of your classes, something you’re working on for a show, something that’s already been created that you want to perform again — anything goes,” said SUUDO Director Olivia Willden.

One of SUUDO’s main goals is to provide dance opportunities to SUU students that may not be involved otherwise. This week’s showcase is especially important for achieving that goal. Alongside performances from dance majors, the showcase will also feature work from a member of the music department.

“We have our two mainstage shows that people get the opportunity to perform in, but this is kind of a more student-catered opportunity for dancers to show their own work,” said Willden. 

While SUUDO’s other events are also student-produced, this showcase is one of the most student-centric ones that the group does.

“It’s special that it’s student-produced, as well as student-choreographed, to give performance opportunities,” said Willden.

Author: Tessa Cheshire
Photos courtesy of SUUDO