Faces of SUU

“What have you learned about yourself while at SUU?”



I have learned that I can do difficult things. I have been able to learn self-discipline academically and personally. I have enjoyed my time at SUU thus far.
-Brex Delray





I have learned that mother knows best. My mom told me that she sees me as a radio show host. She sees me working for radio. Here at SUU, I’ve been able to be involved and hands-on with the radio, and I love it! So, words of advice: trust your mom!
-Cormick Bone





I’ve learned that I love being involved and a part of things. Even though it takes more of my time, it’s worth it to find ways to be a part of something that’s bigger than myself.
-Dean Goebel





I have learned that I love education, and I truly just want people to love what they do. I believe that if you allow your passion to become your purpose, then one day, it will become your profession. I learned what my purpose, my passion and my profession are at SUU.
-Laurel Buxton




I learned that I have more of an appreciation for sound and audio than I was expecting. I went into college thinking I wanted to go into video production, and I fortunately made it into the film program. After taking classes and stuff, I think I’ve found that I really like sound. I like doing radio things, doing work for the radio, and I think sound might be my calling.
-Sarah “Graveey” Hutchings



Article and Photos by: Andrea Rodgers and Southern Utah University

This article was originally published in the October 2022 edition of the University Journal. Pick up a free copy at any of the stands on SUU campus.