An Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

easter hunt

April has arrived at Southern Utah University, and with it, Easter. The incredible amount of chocolate stocked in Walmart rivals only that of Halloween. 

Chocolate isn’t the only good thing about this season, though. The weather is warming with spring and it’s a great time to get outside. I’ve got the perfect activity to help you do just that, enjoying some candy along the way.

A while ago, I came up with a fun variation of traditional Easter egg hunts, and I’m thinking now it could be a fun activity for SUU students. You can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt and a picnic, right?  This works great for friends, a significant other or your family — it’s highly personalizable.

All you need for this is some cheap plastic Easter eggs, a few picnic staples, a destination and whatever candy you desire. Start by mapping out a route you’d like your guests to follow with a few stops along the way. At each location, leave an egg with a goody, a picnic ingredient and a clue to the next location.  

Once you’ve left a trail to your final destination, drop off the egg with the first clue to whomever you’re leading on this wild bunny chase and go await their arrival. After they’ve followed your trail, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to have a picnic in one of Cedar City’s scenic locations.

This works best with a group in my experience, but it could also work with just one good friend or a significant other. My favorite time I did this I also left a walkie-talkie with them so they could give me updates along the way and I could give them hints if a clue proved too vague.

This is one of my favorite ways to get outdoors, enjoy the spring weather and plan something fun for my friends. Cedar offers so many locations to lead them around that it can be as short or long as you like, including whatever extra and fun variations you come up with. The possibilities are endless!


Story by McKayla Olsen

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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